Rise Up, While You Still Can…

The summer of 2014 forever changed humanity.  It is known as The Rising.  Over the span of a few weeks, billions died.  Entire countries were lost to the infected. Sound like a familiar plot line?  In the genre that George Romero pioneered and The Walking Dead made famous, the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant gives a refreshing and exciting new world to lose ourselves in.

Fast forward 26 years.

Georgia and Shaun Mason are journalists.  Georgia, a Newsie, is consumed by her search for the truth.  Sean, her brother is an Irwin, named after the immortal Steve Irwin of Crocodile Hunter fame.  He prefers to blow stuff up and poke zombies with sticks on camera.  Their adoptive parents, who helped organized bands of survivors during The Rising, are internet media royalty.

In most Romero movies and clearly in The Walking Dead, global human society has fallen or at the very least, is in the process of crumbling.  In this world, humanity has survived.  We are all infected with the Kellis-Amberlee Virus, but it we have a certain detente with it.  Society has survived.  While people live in constant fear of the infection becoming active in their bloodstream, they at least can go about a somewhat normal life.

Public gatherings are generally a thing of the past.  Most people prefer to stay within the safety of their homes, venturing out only for brief excursions.  That being said, the internet is king and online news, through blogs, dominates the media.

Shaun and Georgia are offered the opportunity to report on the Presidential Campaign of Senator Peter Ryman.  They are the first bloggers to have such an opportunity.

Senator Ryman is a child of The Rising and, unlike most older politicians, he has an inherent distrust of  the traditional media.  He remembers how while the major news outlets were telling people that the government was firmly in control of the situation, people were dying.  It was only the blogging community that gave people the facts.  Blogs told people how to fight and survive.  Because of this, he invites the Masons to join his campaign.

The first book of the trilogy, Feed, takes us into the heart of the campaign.  Politics is still a blood sport and like most good zombie stories, there is a fair amount of the red goo flying around.

The rest of the trilogy unravels a global conspiracy designed to keep people in an all too familiar state… afraid.

Mira Grant, a nom de plume for Urban Fantasy writer Seanan MacGuire, tells an incredible story.  The characters are unique, the dialogue, sharp. The reader can race through all 3 books at a breakneck pace and be left hungry for more.  Thankfully, there is a collection of short stories which put us back into the Newsflesh world.

This series is fun, action packed, well written and original.  Anyone who loves The Walking Dead should tear off a piece of Newsflesh immediately!


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